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Elite Pain Interviews Barbara The Cosmetologist

Video: Elite Pain Interviews Barbara The Cosmetologist
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation. Casting director Maximilian Lomp probes potential actresses to find out who they are, why they are there, and how much pain they can take.

Barbara is a dedicated and loyal girl. She has come to Elite Pain at the primal request of her dear friend who always gives her the right kind of motivation. She is very agreeable and very obedient as she removes her clothes and subjects herself to her first punishment allowing Max to place her body horizontal onto a wooden chair and subdue her bottom to a quick lashing from the cane.

Next, Max shows Barbara several different types of clamps and demonstrates how they feel while simultaneously asking to use different breathing techniques to get through the pain. He has Barbara hold open her pussy lips while standing so he can flog them from underneath. For a final test, Max has Barbara lay spread eagle in an uncomfortable position to strike her pussy with a switch. Amazingly, she survives, but regrets she ever came to try out.

Max decides that Barbara was a very strong woman because she didn't cry at all and was giggling the whole way through. The only thing he didn't like was he felt as if she wanted revenge on him because she had chosen to do the interview.

Stars: Barbara, Maximilian Lomp

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