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Elite Pain Interviews Baba The Brave Teen

Video: Elite Pain Interviews Baba The Brave Teen
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Baba is a pretty brunnette girl, still in her teens, with beautiful natural breasts. Max is intrigued from the start. While interviewing Baba for a role in one of Elite Pain's upcoming films, he asks her why she has decided on being in one of the films and why is she interested? Baba explains that she is an eighteen year old woman and she is interested in trying out new things. She currently isn't working and isn't attending school either. Baba smiles as if nothing on the capital punishment instrument table scares her!

Max tells Baba to remove all her clothes after he asks her when she first lost her virginity. Max wants to demonstrate what Baba will be participating in if she get s a role in his film. After saying this, he begins giving her a lecture about how fast her pussy hair grew and why she needs to suck her boyfriend's cock. She takes this lecture along with some flogging with her legs spread wide. Max moves onto a variety of other task, but soon realizes after he bullwhips her backside that he wants to stop because she has passed the test.

Max goes on to tell Baba that she is a brave young woman and if she wants to star in one of his films that she will definitely get a leading role.

Stars: Baba, Maximilian Lomp

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