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Elite Pain Interviews: Annette Pavlovich

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Annette Pavlovich
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Annette Pavlovich is featured in the Elite Pain film Pain Factory 2. This is her initial casting audition. She is a nail technician but doesn't make enough money to suit her so Annette has come to the Elite Pain casting interview to see if she can withstand the pain and humiliation to be in a film for Elite Pain.

Max asks her probing questions about her sex life; questions that Annette does not want to answer. When Max leaves this subject alone, Annette is probably thinks relieved, but he is not done humiliating her yet!

Annette takes off her shirt and bra and Max puts tight clamps on her nipples, twisting them cruelly. He uses a crop to smack them, making them pull off slowly and painfully. He then binds her hands and takes out his whip. He begins to remove her jeans, asking her again about her sex life. He uses the whip on her, making each stroke harder than the last as she refuses to answer his questions. He moves on to other instruments of torture, striping her body with painful red welts as he tests her endurance.

In the end, Max is pleased with her performance and congratulates her for passing the test.

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Annette Pavlovich

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