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Elite Pain Interviews: Annette Dewott

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Annette Dewott
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
Annette Dewott appears in Life In The Elite Club Part 1. This is her casting audition for Elite Pain Studios.

The Elite Pain Castings series is a study in perversity, desire and desperation. Casting director Maximilian Lomp probes potential actresses to find out who they are, why they are there, and how much pain they can take.

"Why do you want to do this," asks Max. Annette replies, "I like a challenge." Indeed! We find out that Annette is somewhat duplicitous. She has a boyfriend with whom she has not slept with yet and has not seen her naked. In fact, today was to be their first time. Yet, she is here on this same day with Max, stripping off her clothes and subjecting herself to unknown punishments. How will she explain the marks to her new boyfriend? "I'll tell him my grandma has beaten me up?"

Max puts tight clamps on her nipples, and then uses a riding crop to swat them off. She takes this first test very well. Max then asks her to stand while he strikes her on her thighs with various types of whips. When he puts his final stroke on her bare pussy, she cringes and gasps in pain. Finally, Max has Annette lie down on a table and spread her legs. He then whips her pussy twice, very hard, which she also takes quite well.

Max is surprised at her endurance and tells her she'll be receiving a call to be in a film. She has passed the test, but will she be able to take the extended torture of a full movie?

Stars: Maximilian Lomp, Annette Dewott

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