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Elite Pain Interviews: Alexa The Secretary

Video: Elite Pain Interviews: Alexa The Secretary
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Studio: Elite Pain Interviews
While Max is interviewing Alexa for a role in one of Elite Pain's upcoming films, he asks her what she does and why she wants to be in one of their films. Alexa explains that she is a 32 year old mother of 4 who are all grown and out of the house now. She is a secretary currently, but wants to get into the porn industry and is hoping this will help. One has to wonder if Alexa is completely aware of what she'll be doing!

Max tells Alexa to remove all her clothes. Max wants to demonstrate what Alexa will have to do in the movie, but first tells her that she'll have to lose weight before she can be in a film. After saying this, he begins to whip her flabby belly and soft breasts while she counts the strokes. She takes this well, and Max moves on to a different whip, sticking a needle in her breast, tight clamps on her pussy and finally, the dreaded cane. When it's all finished, Alexa has passed the test. When asked what hurt the worst, she chose the cane. Wonder if Max will be sure to use the cane on her in her first movie?

Stars: Alexa, Maximilian Lomp

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