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Dr. Bizarre’s Experimental Sex Therapy

Video: Dr. Bizarre's Experimental Sex Therapy
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Studio: Control T Studio
CTS takes you to the unregulated all-male sex clinics of Eastern Europe to expose the mind-bogglingly cruel, but very exciting experiments being performed on the captive patients. These young, unwilling, but very horny subjects are repeat sex offenders who have signed away all their rights to the "Doctors," orderlies, and prison guards who are conducting these sick and bizarre tests. Mouths, anuses, big uncut cocks, and meaty butt cheeks are tested for endurance and pain. The agonizing squeals and shudders of ecstasy are closely monitored by the less-than-credentialed medical staff. Hot wax, clothes pins, inhumanly large dildoes and other scientific devices are used in the laboratory of terror. Smooth young white flesh is pinched and slapped, spanked and whipped as the young men's cocks grow hard and dripping with stimulation. How much of this delicious torture can these young criminals take before they spurt giant white arcs of sperm all over the faces and hands of the leering staff? But be warned: These are dangerous procedures to be tried only by suspiciously young doctors and sadistic guards on sexually depraved prisoners. Don't try this at home.

Stars: Ivan Plop, Marek Plasek, David Ruzicka, Michal Janota, Josef Slepicka

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