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Double Whammy

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Studio: California Star Productions
Rocco's reputation as an uncorrupted casting agent takes a blow when Eileen, an attractive young woman, comes in to see him about getting cast in movies. He tells her that there is not much work at present, but Eileen is not put off by this. She suggests that she is willing to have her bottom spanked and caned by him, and maybe that will change his mind. Rocco is slightly taken aback by this but, not being a man to miss an opportunity, he immediately gets to work on her bottom.

Eileen is then sent to a film set where she is shown some horses that she is meant to ride. However, she confesses to the director that she had never been on a horse. The director becomes agitated as she confesses this fact. The director had been made to believe that she was a capable rider. Well with the film crew ready to go and expenses paid, and other girls turned away from the job, there was only one thing the director could do. To save Eileen's film career, such as it was, she was made to endure hard hand spanking and caning from the assistant.

To make matters worse, during all of this, one of the housekeeping girls was found stealing wine from the director's personal cellar. So with cane in hand, this girl is bent and furiously caned on her bare bottom.

Stars: Rocco, Eileen

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