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Disciplining The Divas

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Sasha Sparks
Yes, it was necessary to spank this unruly girl before and yes she has misbehaved yet again. This time the vamp's intended victim was a photographer friend of ours whom she tried to shake down for a higher modeling fee. "I'm tired", "I want a cigarette" and ultimately "I want more money" she whined. Indeed, it was the same tired old routine once again. Happily, our man was but a phone call away. This time the gloves would come off and the sparks would really fly! The fact that our man clearly had such a good time spanking this wench before all but ensured that the task would be executed most effectively. The trick, however, was for him to outdo his previous performance.

Nonetheless, presented with a simply mouthwatering specimen such as this, it was a challenge to which the man would prove more than equal. In no time at all he had Sasha's firm bottom bouncing and bucking like a freshly landed fish while her long legs once again kicked futilely at the ceiling above. Some young women are just plain fun to spank and Sasha, much to her evident displeasure, is one such woman.

By now her eyes were moist and her bottom the color of a summer sunset but her ordeal was far from over. Mindful of the need to leave a truly lasting impression, our man next reached for his trusty paddle. The look on Miss Sparks face when she saw what next would befall her sweet tail was one we'll not soon forget. Duly primed, Sasha's piping hot butt cheeks responded marvelously to the hard swung wood ! Indeed it was all the man could do to hang onto the shrieking strumpet as he whaled away piteously. Common greed is so unbecoming when found in an uncommonly attractive young lass, don't you think?

Kelly Divine
Miss Divine here is a very, very naughty girl as has been evidenced by some very, very immodest and, yes, even scandalous behavior exhibited by her on a plethora of naughty websites. Tsk, tsk. This girl is also very, very easy on the eyes. Miss Divine's real claim to fame however, aside that is from her not unimpressive skills in the boudoir, is her simply outstanding bubble butt. Now, when confronted with an admittedly and in fact unabashedly wicked young woman whose primary claim to fame is the allure of her backside, well.... heh, heh. Let's just say that our man couldn't wait to get his hands on this one! The crisp, meaty and startlingly loud report which accompanied the first smack all but drowned out the tart's startled yelp and brought an immediate, albeit coarse, smile to our man's face. No doubt, the reality of soundly thrashing this notorious bottom fully matched his expectations as was further exhibited by the enthusiasm, indeed the sheer ferocity, with which he now acquitted himself.

Kelly, meanwhile, acquitted herself like a fragile, glass bottomed princess who had never had her hindquarters properly chastised before; as in fact she most probably had not. This was all just too good to be true! Maximizing each and every moment, like an alcoholic on an open tab, our man literally attacked his delightfully proffered target with unbridled glee! His target, as it were, bouncing, jiggling and juddering lewdly all the while seemed to inflame him all the more with each passing instant. Of course, the wench didn't help her cause any by screaming obscenity laced invective at the man.

After a while longer, he reached for his trusty wooden "slut slapper" for, if ever an occasion demanded as much, this was that occasion. The loud meaty slaps now took on a higher and demonstrably more menacing pitch which, accompanied by Miss Divine's blood curdling screams, greeted our ears like a magnificent Wagnerian opera. The visual panorama was no less breathtaking, especially that generated by the hard swung wood. Painters have endeavored for centuries to create the sort of drama our man was now imparting upon Kelly's once milky white butt cheeks with sportative ease. Again, again and many times again Miss Divine's most marketable asset would be visited by unforgiving wood fibers and then, yet again, by nearly as unforgiving a hand. And outside the birds sang, the bumblebees buzzed, the flowers bloomed and all there too was as it should be.

Kordelia Devonshire
When our man's eyes first focused upon Miss Devonshire's smooth, pale butt cheeks, they positively glistened like those of a half-starved wolf. Then, the malevolent growl which accompanied his initial, almost gentle, caress of the wicked siren's hindquarters was indeed quite chilling.

Happily, the wench was by now upended, locked in a vise like grip and totally at the man's mercy. The "mercy" of a hungry wolf! The "mercy" of a man who likes nothing better than to smack the bouncing bare butt cheeks of beautiful women such as she. To smack them and to smack them again in rapid and unending succession like some unhinged bongo player laying down the frenzied percussion for a song only he can hear. To smack them until they look like twin bowls of highly agitated Jell-O dancing bawdily yet in perfect synchronicity to the beat of this cruel drummer.

Miss Devonshire shall long rue the day she allowed the likes of us to gaze upon her bewitching behind.

Stars: Sasha Sparks, Kordelia Devonshire, Kelly Divine

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