Firm Hand Spankings

One Red Ass At A Time



Mistress Trish is angry when She catches slave thrash slacking off instead of cleaning. She orders him over Her knee and immediately whacks his ass hard with a stiff leather strap, making him painfully aware of Her disappointment in him. While the firm leather strap resonates pleasingly, causing slave thrash to jump with each heavy-hitting wallop, Trish soon begins administering Her message by spanking his ass with Her hands. Gripping his writhing body against Hers, Trish relentlessly graces his cheeks with Her open palms, Her mood improving steadily as his ass becomes a deep shade of red. By the time She has used Her strap on him again, and delivered a few agonizingly hard final spanks, an apologetic slave thrash is has been disciplined to Trish's satisfaction.

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