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Discipline In Russia Volume 3 – Country Tales

Video: Discipline In Russia Volume 3 - Country Tales
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Country Tales
In Russian villages, merciless birching of shameless young females in the full view of neighbors and relatives is pretty common punishment. Two unfortunate girls are forced to strip and cruel corporal punishment follows.

One victim was subjected to unspeakably painful and degrading whipping for affair with married man and other for innocent masturbation in the garden.

Punishment for Adultery
A young bride was cruelly belted after she was made to remove all clothes from the waist down. Her own mother approved this cruel punishment.

These corporal punishments are brutal and relentless in their depiction of the atrocities inflicted on young women by society born out of deprivation and human misery.

Stars: Alex, Natasha, Fedor Alexceevich, Marpha, Lidka, More...

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