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Discipline In Russia Volume 12 – Skipping Rope

Video: Discipline In Russia Volume 12 - Skipping Rope
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Studio: Nettles Corp.
Russian sports lesson in an elite high school. Two beautiful girls were caught smoking and drinking after classes. Cruel corporal punishment followed after the girls were forced to strip naked from the waist down in front of a male coach and other girls. One by one each girl was tied face-down to a bench and unspeakably and painfully degraded by whippings with rubber rods. The coach reduces each of their young naked bottoms to dark red quivering flesh as he inflicts harsh corporal punishment for their transgressions. In Part 2--In Cruel Hands, we witness the merciless torture and whipping of two young sisters kidnapped by two special task police officers.

Stars: Gerry Gerashvilli, Ekaterina Dzubina, Lena Voronina, Anjela Kron, Nadesda Dozorova

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