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Discipline In Russia 17

Video: Discipline In Russia 17
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This story based on true scary facts which happened in the new Religion private school for girls of "New Russians". Corporal punishment unfortunately still exists in these schools. The superior of the school, Holy Father George (Actor Jerry Geroshvili,) applied administrative punishment on all three girls by the order of Holy Mother Superior (Actress Natalya Dozorova).

Punishment was administrated with twenty lashes by a wood paddle on each girls naked ass. Reason- bad performance at Holy reading class. Father George without mercy whipped all three girls. The heavy wood paddle left the girls asses with deep blue and red marks. Afterwards, the girls wait patiently for Holy Mother Superior to check on their red marks they lay on the asses of the girls, and approved of the punishment.

Stars: Jerry Geroshvili, Albina Sidorenko, Helen Gavrilova, Olga Gavrilenko, Natalya Dozorova, More...

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