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The Rubber One, Jean Bardot, has stopped by the dungeon to get some latex lesbian lovin' in during her visit to L.A. Miss Mina Meow waits patiently for her Mistress in a slave position, dressed in a latex garter belt and fully fashioned stockings and high heels. When Mistress Jean enters, they waste no time in getting down to business. Laughing as she tinkers with her toy, she leads Mina around by nipple clamps before allowing her slave girl to worship her high heeled shoes. After they are polished, some flogging and spanking turn her submissive ass a nice shade of red before a big black cock is brought out for her to polish as well. She shows off her deep throating skills and then the rope is brought out. A spreader bar and a strict strappado complement her ring gag perfectly, and a crop keeps this submissive slut on her toes. Orgasm denial games in bondage are what amuses her giggling Mistress next, and Mina begs to cum through her gag and almost loses her balance.

Some trampling is what Mistress wants next, and trample her slave girl she does. She scratches and torments her slave using her high heels and Mina loves it. She tries to maintain her composure, but her body betrays her. As the high heels touch her, her nipples get hard and her pussy gets wet. Of course, this doesn't get by her observant Dominant and after she's amused herself utilizing the afore mentioned high heels and well placed crop strokes to elicit even more dirty girl responses, she allows her horny slave to get herself off. Then the rope comes out again. Tied so her pussy and natural tits are exposed, Mina is subjected to tickling, a huge ball gag and nasty clover clamps. The combination of pain and laughing exhausts this slave and when she is completely out of breath Mistress Jean gives her plenty of forced bondage orgasms with a powerful vibrator.

Stars: Jean Bardot, Mina Meow

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