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Detention House 3: Whose Bread You Eat, His Song You Sing

Video: Detention House 3: Whose Bread You Eat, His Song You Sing
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Studio: RGE-Films
Stories set in detention houses and schools where young ladies experience ruthless chastisement have been very popular. So we have a new treat for you - Detention House 3.

This movie takes us to the girls' detention house. The young headmistress isn't having an easy day - one of the school's most important patrons is visiting. And he is extremely discontented with the level of discipline among her students. It is clear after a short discussion that the financial situation of the school and even its very existence depend on the satisfaction of this mysterious man.

The humiliated headmistress becomes a cold and rigid beast while observing the three forlorn girls standing in front of her, embarrassed and frightened out of their senses. The headmistress reprimands each of them. And none of them is found blameless. The next morning, before their lessons, the girls must visit the bursar. All of them now what that means. They merely lower their eyes and await their fate. The next day the wretched girls stand in the bursar's room. They hear their sentence. Their eyes are full of fear when they slowly put away their school uniforms. Short linen dresses, unfolding with every step, cannot cover their shame and nakedness.

There is someone else in the room. What is she doing here? We soon find out. The poor girls will not just be beaten. First they must be prepared for the punishment. So the girls come forward and the nurse gives them an enema. In their innocent eyes we see such pain and abasement. The girls suffer when the merciless nurse inserts the rough nozzles into their maiden bottoms. She torments them as the purifying fluid flows into their young bodies...

Meanwhile, the executor is deciding which implement he will use for a proper punishment. He is observing the tools, examining them in his hand. Finally he decides. The girls are fastened to a special construction in a room reserved for punishments. Their young, shivering bodies await a harsh whipping.

The executioner is coming. He watches the girls' terror salaciously, enjoying the shame and nakedness they cannot conceal. And then the punishment begins... Exposed private parts are cruelly beaten. The girls cry and try to avoid the strokes, without success. The soft skin of their buttocks and thighs is soon covered with red marks. But the ruthless man is not mollified by the screaming, crying and pleading. He beats the girls without remorse. Each of them must endure forty strokes on her naked body.

Surely now he will leave the poor beaten girls alone. Surely now he will release them.

Far from it!

Caustic ointment is applied to the girls' sore backsides and private parts. That will show them what's what! Such screaming and crying! What suffering!

Punished and humiliated, the girls stand in the headmistress's room, displaying their punished bottoms to the patron. The mysterious man doesn't want to be recognized. The girls don't see his face; they don't know who caused their suffering. Finally, they hang notices around their necks saying that they were beaten and then they are dismissed. Certainly they will be followed by the looks of their friends. Compassionate as well as scornful looks...

At last we see the face of the unknown man. Who is this person? Who is this monster who persecutes innocent girls? We won't tell you. Only those of you who see Detention House 3, produced by Lupus Pictures, will learn the whole truth. You won't be disappointed.

Stars: Alexandra Wolf, Eva Sulistova, Jiri Zabor, Helena Kubecova, Tereze Cesova, Veronkia Pospisilova, Renata Peskova

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