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Detention House 1

Video: Detention House 1
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Studio: RGE-Films
Do you consider our production too meek? Or do you miss some of your favorite themes, which have not appeared in our movies yet?

Now you can enjoy an extraordinary spanking movie, taking place in a strict detention house. Prepare yourself for big servings of nude girls, degradation of all sorts and - as always - vigorous spanking of nice girls' butts.

The schoolgirls are lined up under strict supervision of their preceptress - a striking redhead. Their innocent faces clearly show their fear of what will come, of upcoming punishment and ignominy. The Headmistress walks in. The girls stand tight and we learn what their transgression was. They were caught all in one bed after the lights-out. The slippery educator not only wants to punish them, but primarily to disgrace and spatter them. And, we must say, she is good at it. Gradually, the girls get naked and are forced to confess that they caressed each other in bed. Although it was not the truth, they were only cold, the educator has her own truth and holds onto it.

And then comes the verdict. They will be spanked over their buttocks and thighs. The harshness of the punishment, 50 strokes, strikes them instantly. They have to admit their masturbation activities and confirm that they broke their virginity themselves.

The girls are then beaten, one after another gets her 50 strokes over the knees. Exposed private parts are cruelly mutilated. The girls cry and try to avoid the blows, without success. Cruel educator has no mercy... If you thought this was the end, you were wrong. The worst is yet to come.

Are you interested? Has the movie struck some of your fantasies, or do are you simply want to enjoy such scene?

Believe us - you definitely should watch this movie!

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