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Dealing With Model Behavior

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If you're looking for a sweet, demure and charming young lady... you've come to the wrong place. Twenty something glamour girl Alicia is a disagreeable young tart with a tongue like a paring knife. Happily, the wench's physical attributes are rather more agreeable and none more so than her simple delectable bottom. And so then, it's bottoms up for this pretentious tart whereupon her best asset is made to bounce, wiggle and jiggle most delightfully!


This one named herself after a doll and she sure looks like one too. Only problem here is that Bella's manners are more in keeping with those of a voodoo doll. That's okay though. After all, when ill-behaved young women come shaped like this one it's always a pleasure to get to the bottom of the problem. And what a fine bottom it be! Smooth, firm and finely toned, this bottom is indeed a testament to the benefits of frequent and vigorous exercise. Today, these very same ass cheeks will get a physical workout the likes of which the bitch will never forget!


The French expression mal eleve says it best. It means literally that someone's parents didn't raise them properly. Brandi here is a living, breathing and, in fact, the quintessential poster girl for the sorry consequences of mal eleve. We were resolved therefore to ensure that this spoiled bimbo would feel the sting of retribution where it would do her the most good. The "where" in this instance is a derriere we judged to be absolutely exquisite in shape and form and which, given the girl's conduct, was an even more welcome observation than might ordinarily be the case.

Stars: Brandi, Alicia, Bella Doll

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