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Dancing With My Darkside

As fun, upbeat, sultry and cute as I can be...I also have a touch of sinister flowing through these veins that can at times borderline on downright wicked. This bitch in the clip showed up 40 minutes late for a shoot and then had, problems that kept him from performing. Lesson one: When Nikki is expecting something, she had better get what she is expecting, when she is expecting it and exactly as she is expecting it. Otherwise, the shadows begin to fall heavy. First, I tied his ankles together and then to a 50 pount barbell plate. Next, I tied his wrists to the top of my Smith Machine and lowered the bar to a position just below his waist to make his ass stick out just enough. Then, I threw a pillowcase over his head and left him for 40 minutes like he did me. Finally, I returned and quite simply, beat the hell out of his ass with a pole I use to do waist twists with. Then, just because it was there, I pulled his belt out of his pants from the floor and wore his ass out with his own belt. Listen to the bitch yell! Those red swollen whelps on his ass are sooo gorgeous. So, who's next? - Nikki

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