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C.P. Castings #2

Video: C.P. Castings #2
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Studio: California Star Productions
Leila and Elisha turn up for a casting session at one of London's premiere modeling agencies. Entering George's suite they must advise him of the type of modeling they are willing to do. It's not long, however, before they decide to give him a taste of lesbian love, and George is always ready to film a "promotional clip."

In the midst of the heated session, Leila shouts to George to fetch some spanking implements. He finds paddles and a cane, which Leila uses on Elisha. Placing his camera on the tripod, George joins the fun and decides to give the girls a sharp caning.

The second couple to enter the suite are Carrie and James. They begin to argue when they find out they have forgotten an important prop for the shoot. James gives Carrie a fierce caning but this time George stays out of the row, merely filming with disbelieving eyes!

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