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College Classics Part 3

Video: College Classics Part 3
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Studio: California Star Productions
A prominent girls' school is having a disciplinary problem. Two young ladies in particular seem to believe they can flout the rules and get away with it. This is just the sort of thing Simpkins, the schoolmaster has been prepared for. He has always been a stern disciplinarian. And it looks as though his severe approach is very much needed in this situation.

Tender young bottoms are bared for punishment. Simpkins is not one to relent at the first mournful cries of anguish. When a harsh spanking falls to produce the desired result, he turns to his favorite limber cane. The young ladies' exquisitely curved hips twitch and squirm with every stinging swat. The welts are real. So are the bears. But their declarations of repentance? Well, only time will tell. Simpkins will always have his cane at hand.

Stars: Arnold Tupper, Felicia Ryan, Stephanie Quinn

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