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Studio: California Star Productions
At the local college, Fiona Fines a star pupil has been laboriously painting her latest masterpiece. Miss Day, the head teacher enters in a fuss, and accuses her of stealing a watch. Fiona denies any knowledge of the event, but there is evidence stacked against her. The watch had been found in her locker. Mrs. Day soon looses patience with Fiona's denials and orders her to the common room for punishment.

Therein follows the usual course set down for punishment curriculums. A sound hand spanking followed by a caning from the school rod. The cane leaves its customary welts and the young woman leaves in tears. Mrs. Day feels extremely guilty, though, when she finds out that the watch was indeed places in the locker by another person.

In our second story Mr. Cooper finds the naughtiest girl in the school in the gentleman's toilets. Three times this has happened and all within an hour! She is sent to Mrs. Day's office for a severe caning, and of course receives a hand spanking on her curvy bottom.

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