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Class Of ’97

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Carrington and Spencer have been summoned to the detention room for a reason they are not quite sure about. It seems a monitor informed on them when they were seen leaving a tattoo parlor near the school. They had been specifically forbidden by the school to have tattoos and advised that the consequences would be very serious indeed.

The girls advise the master that though they had indeed gone into the parlor, they had changed their minds and not had any done. Not good enough for him, he orders the girls to strip. His suspicions are easily confirmed and he proceeds to give them both a hand spanking, followed by a caning. He plans to let the other students know at the next assembly what happens when school rules are broken by displaying the bare bottoms of the girls and their accompanying welts!

While this is happening another student, Sarah, has gone around to the local office to entertain the boss in exchange for some money and sweets. He is a keen spanking enthusiast and gives her a good paddling in exchange for the sweets.

This, too, is reported to the teacher who summons her to his study for a severe caning.

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