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Chelsea Spanks:Kailee & Berlin

Video: Chelsea Spanks:Kailee & Berlin
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Kailee's Spanking: Kailee came to us while visiting friends here in Southern California. She's a former Real Spankings model and since they've stopped shooting new material, she's been getting her spanking fixes with the various other spanking production companies, ours included.

And, lucky for us! A truly experienced and truly enthusiastic spanking aficionado, Kailee could take all that I could dish out and any of you familiar with my spanking style knows that's quite a bit!

We started with a hand spanking, but soon moved on to the first of six implements. Even though I dish out a diabolical hand spanking, I recognized pretty quickly that Kailee was up for more...a LOT more! By the time her half hour spanking concluded, Kailee had been paddled with my leather paddle, spanked with a hairbrush, strapped with a black leather strap, paddled (again!) with a VERY large wooden paddle and finally caned with my little twisted cane. That little cane is a lot stingier than it looks!

Berlin's Spanking: I don't often undertake a half hour reality spanking session with someone I've never spanked before, but Berlin assured me that she was up to it. And, oh my, was she ever! Things started out looking bad for her. When I first began her hand spanking I felt an object of some kind in the pocket of her jeans. It turned out to be a cigarette lighter and that just sent me off on a spanking/scolding tangent! As an ex-smoker, I don't like to see these young women doing something that's so very bad for them and so very hard to quit. So, as you might imagine, her hand spanking was short and I quickly moved on to the first of her six implements.

Strangely, since the two sessions in this production were done weeks apart, I ended up using almost the very same selection of implements as I'd used with Kailee. Berlin withstood my hand, the same leather paddle as Kailee, the same hairbrush, the same leather strap, a different but still very large wooden paddle and that little twisted cane with a big, nasty bite. I'm surprised Berlin still liked me afterwards!!

Stars: Berlin, Kailee, Chelsea Pfeiffer

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