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Chelsea Spanks: Sasha & Darling

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Sasha & Darling
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
What a better way to introduce a new series than with a new CPE spankee. Sasha Russo came into our lives one quiet afternoon and wouldn't go away. First, she had Eva Lux recommend her in an email with pictures attached. Another producer sent a recommendation. Then, Sasha herself wrote, stating that she wanted to be in our videos and even that she wanted to be spanked by me, specifically! This super-eagerness intimidated me. I was distrusting of her bold come on. And, Sasha was more than just bold, she was downright brazen. But, this stunning Russian beauty was very persistent! That's when I decided it was time to meet Sasha. She would be the perfect woman to show up at my door simply because she needed a spanking. Boy, did she ever! Sasha arrived provocatively dressed. How impudent!

Our second new CPE girl's name is Darling. How appropriate, since that's exactly what she is, a darling. She contacted me because she needed a spanking. I was delighted to oblige. She, of course, had a reason she thought she should be punished. And, I decided that on this occasion she was correct in her thinking. So, darling though Darling may be, she had to be spanked, severely.

Darling explained her reason for inviting me over:
"Thanks for coming over Chelsea. I know it's short notice, but I really need a spanking. I...I really blew my final exams this semester. I'm not sure show it happened. I was doing pretty well, you know, maintaining a B average, but when finals came around I just got distracted. I didn't study at all and so I failed every one," Darling finished her sad tale.

I understood immediately how important this spanking would be. I know I said I wouldn't be taking into account a girl's reason for needing a spanking, but on this occasion, I felt I must. So I broke my newly established rule on only the second spanking session and set about punishing delinquent, but delightfully lovely Darling. Before her ordeal was finished, Darling had a stiff hand spanking, a strapping, and two paddlings (one leather paddle and the other, wooden)!

Stars: Chelsea, Darling, Sasha Russo

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