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Chelsea Spanks – Chloe & Pixie

Video: Chelsea Spanks - Chloe & Pixie
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Chloe's Spanking: We started this production of Chelsea Spanks with the more inexperienced of two women. But, that doesn't mean Chloe hadn't already experienced a good deal of spanking. A true spanking enthusiast herself, Chloe sought out people in the scene who were willing to give her what she wanted. First, it was a boyfriend she met through an online personal ad she'd placed. Then she was discovered by David Pierson of PunishedBrats. From there, she found us out here on the West Coast. She made a special trip here, just to get spankings from some of the people she'd heard of and admired. She started with Clare Fonda, then came to see me, then moved on to Dallas. We had to do it in that order since we know how hard each of us is spanking-wise. Clare was least likely to leave Chloe marked, I was a little more likely and, frankly, Dallas wouldn't care if she was already marked. So, I knew from the start that I had a serious player on my hands and I didn't have to pull my spanks a bit. Chloe chose her own array of implements from my collection and we began. I started over her tight jeans, 'cause I know many of you really appreciate a tight-jean covered behind getting spanked. We removed her jeans in due time, however, to spank her on her very cute bikini-panty clad derriere. From there, Chloe's panties had to come down and then we moved on to the first implement...a hairbrush, of course. Chloe's next choice was a small wooden paddle and that was followed by a not so small blue paddle that packs quite a sting. Finally, she chose my favorite - the strap! Chloe picked an excellent progression of implements and I spanked her, hairbrushed her, paddled her and strapped her without restraint and still she liked it! What's a Top to do?!

Pixie's Spanking: Well, anyone familiar with the spanking super star that is Amber Pixie Wells already knows how much she likes to be spanked. But, Pixie likes it in a different way. She doesn't giggle. It causes her a great deal of discomfort and she doesn't try to hide that. She kicks and cries out, moans and grits her teeth in her efforts to take it, but she WANTS to take a LOT! For Pixie, I laid out just about every implement I own and I simply went to town, working down the line till I finished off with the cane. Yes, you read it right, the CANE! I still can't believe how much spanking Pixie took that day. See, we started out shooting a couple of short scenes for our members' site, then we did this incredible, and I mean TRULY INCREDIBLE half-hour Chelsea Spanks session that ends with a very serious caning. This, if you can believe it, was followed up with another short for the members' site, shot outdoors on a public beach because she told me it had always been her fantasy to be spanked outdoors. I know, I feel like I'm cheating you out by bragging about scenes that don't appear in this video. But, I just wanted you to know that this half of this CS video is extreme, to say the least, but Pixie's spanking capacity is even more extreme. I'd say I was definitely out matched for both scenes in this video and anyone of you out there who know the first thing about me know that it takes quite a tough bottom to out match me. I've spanked many, many a woman who have cried out "mercy," for me and at times when I wasn't even spanking as hard as I am capable. I got no cries for mercy from either Chloe, or Pixie. So, if you want to see absolutely scintillating spankings that will leave you breathless, you'll definitely want to see this video!

Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Chloe Elise, Amber Pixie Wells

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