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Chelsea Spanks: Carolyn & Lena

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Carolyn & Lena
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
It's another red hot episode of the Chelsea Spanks series...and we mean RED HOT!

Carolyn Reese, the blonde bombshell of the spanking world visits Chelsea for an afternoon of spanking. Why? She wouldn't say exactly, just that she's naughty. Knowing Carolyn, that could mean a number of things, but we suspect that it means she's up to her usual sexual escapades and hi-jinx. Chelsea knew better than to question, she just got down to brass tax! Once Carolyn was in place over Chelsea's knee, the vigorous spanking began...simple as that. But, was it simple for Carolyn? NOT!

Before Carolyn's visit is over, she's been hand-spanked, spanked with a hairbrush, paddled with two different kinds of paddles, strapped and disciplined with a twisted cane/paddle. With the table set before her when she arrived, she knew what she was in for, but she stayed anyway and ended up with a perfectly beautiful, perky flaming rear end!

Stars: Lena Ramon, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Carolyn Reese

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