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Chelsea Spanks: Amelia, Angela & Molly

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Amelia, Angela & Molly
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Amelia's Spanking: Amelia-Jane Rutherford, as many of you well know, is a big-time spanking star from the U.K. We're very fortunate that she decided to make a visit to L.A. When she emailed that she was coming I JUMPED at the chance to work with...uh, that would mean, SPANK Amelia-Jane! I wasn't about to let a minute of that time get away, so I planned a big day. Two scenes for updates AND a CS session, with the later coming last, of course.

We're two scenes into the day and now we begin this absolutely amazing half-hour long, uninterrupted, no cuts and, later, no edits session.

I started over her jeans, not only because spankings over tight jeans are sexy, but because it's an excellent way to begin a long session. It's a good warm-up. Soon the jeans come off and Amelia is hand spanked over her darling, sheer white, lace-edged panties. In my opinion, one of the sexiest moments. Soon, the panties are gone and she gets her bare bottom spanking, followed quickly by a paddling with my small, square leather paddle. The paddling is amped up when I pick up a dastardly little red paddle, made by PaddleMastersPro. Amelia's fabulously toned bottom quickly becomes almost as red as the paddle.

Oh, but it's not over yet! Moving on, Amelia bends over the couch for a SERIOUS strapping (I give 'em when I can), followed by a REAL caning. Knowing she's English and that caning is big there, I figured I could give it all it should be. I do believe I did that and Amelia braved it beautifully. Like the spanking star she is!

Angela's & Molly's Spanking: This was another amazing session. I originally thought I was booking Angela only, for her first shoot for me, through Molly and an email reference from her. Somehow I missed that I was hiring them as a duo. When they both showed up, made up, dressed sweetly and ready to go, I just went with it. I had planned to shoot a CS session that day and that is what I needed most, so I went with it on that point, too. I'd never done a double CS and, really, it kind of messes with the whole premise...that it be one girl taking it and taking it a lot for a half hour straight, no breaks. But, hey, it seemed like it would be REALLY fun, for me anyway, so I decided to go for it knowing that once you all got a look at it you'd forgive me for bending the rules a bit.

There was the usual progression from over the shorts/skirt respectively for Angela, then Molly. Then, each woman was hand spanked bare bottomed and spanked with a hairbrush. OMG! Then, they both strip naked. Wow! Two gorgeous, gorgeously naked women with red bottoms. (Okay, I'm catching my breath.) We moved on to a double flogging and a double strapping. And, the final phase is a spontaneous, incredible spanking chain. I cane Molly, Molly straps Angela and Angela gets to shout the loudest. Mmmm...


Stars: Molly Matthews, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amelia Jane Rutherford, Angela Ryan

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