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Chelsea Spanks: Abigail & Amy

Video: Chelsea Spanks: Abigail & Amy
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Studio: Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment
Abigail's Spanking: I had to pull up one of the pictures in order to remember all the implements Abigail took...and she kept on ticking! From beginning to end of her half-hour, non-stop spanking session, Abi was spanked over her dress, then over her panties, but Chelsea made short work of both of those segments. Moving on, Abi takes a good, hard hand spanking, the hardest Chelsea is able to administer and that's pretty darned hard. Then Abi takes a long-handled, very thick bath brush, a large black wooden paddle, a large AND thick heart-shaped wooden paddle and finally she graduated on up to a big, thick strap! I know that's one long sentence, but it must have seemed like a VERY long session to Abigail. She took it and took and remained almost stoic, although here and there she just can't keep from crying out. For such a slight, slender girl, Abigail withstood some of the hardest sessions I'm able, or even willing, to give!

Amy's Spanking: I'm just going to have to admit that this is one for you folks who like to see it hard. Amy is a tough cookie, too. Being a Brit, she's taken quite a bit of some pretty serious caning. She wasn't intimidated by my arsenal, uh, I mean, supply of implements. She chose well. After a nice warm up spanking, the fun really begins. Amy then takes a hard hand spanking and a wooden hairbrush. Those Brits hate wood, I hear, and the hairbrush was the only thing wooden she chose. Then, she took a strapping with my black, steel reinforced strap and a paddling with my big, stingy blue paddle. As if that weren't enough, I give caning a go, which I don't often do. I was challenged and I think I came through with flying colors...on Amy's behind that is!


Stars: Chelsea Pfeiffer, Amy Hunter, Abigail Whitaker

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