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Charge Card Blues

Video: Charge Card Blues
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Studio: Syren Productions
Clueless Kirby has been running up his wife's credit cards so she sends him to her friend Mistress Pandora who specializes in creative credit counseling. Mistress Pandora secures Kirby to her whipping post and warms him up with a hand spanking before thrashing his worthless ass with a gigantic weightlifting belt. Mistress Pandora swings with all her might and the force of the blows knocks Kirby around like a pinball. Later she breaks out an old fashioned green prison paddle that is about two and a half feet long and wails on him even harder. By this time Kirby is moaning and whining but this evil sadist is not finished. She takes out a single tail whip and beats him like a red headed step child and even gives him a few lashes with her 8 foot bullwhip.

Stars: Mistress Pandora, Kirby

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