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Catching A Thief

Video: Catching A Thief
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Studio: California Star Productions
Nik and Erzsebet are in complete shock when they return home and find that their house has been ransacked. Noticing that certain items are missing they are quick to check their hidden camera system and find two young women caught red handed. Erzsebet realizes that she has seen them before at their neighborhood park and suggests that they go there. Luckily they find them and the girls are coerced into the car on the pretense of making some money.

They are taken back to Nik's house. When shown the tape Nik says that it's either a trip to the police station or a spanking. We know what they choose as they are both hand spanked which is in turn followed by a paddle, then the leather strap and the hard cane. Their bottoms turn bright red and their protests are filled with whimpers and tears. These thieves are going to have a very long week.

Stars: Mistress Erzsebet, Nik (Male)

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