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Studio: California Star Productions
This is not for the first time Miss Perkins hasn't delivered work on time to her stern employer. This time however, has caused Miss Williams and her client a considerable inconvenience, and Miss Perkins is to be severely punished. You should know what happens to my employees when they are lazy, Miss Williams tells her. So she takes her over her knee for a hand spanking. She then stands her against the wall to paddle her reddening behind.

For the last part of her punishment, she then forces the secretary to soak her panties in water and put them back on. She does explain, however, that a caning is even more painful when delivered in this manner. A little later she removes the wet knickers to reveal a very red bottom, and delivers even more cane strokes to her bare bottom. The next day Miss Williams sees a client whose grandmother has recently deceased. There is a stipulation in her will that says her granddaughter must be spanked and then receive forty strokes of the cane each month Williams is happy to do so, but warns the young lady that her strokes will be far more severe than her grandmother's.

Then Miss Williams makes the girl wet her knickers in the same way she had her secretary do the previous day and proceeds to deliver a number of strokes through her panties and finishes up with the rest of the forty cane strokes on her bare, red bottom.

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