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Caned To Climax & Disobedient Brat

Video: Caned To Climax & Disobedient Brat
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Studio: California Star Productions
Caned To Climax

Our first story is about a girl that wants to be put back in time. When she was younger she would receive spankings in the bedroom. The spanking would turn her on sexually. So she calls Soma, just the person to call when bringing a fantasy to life. She starts with a good OTK and follows with a few leather straps. Finally she is brought to full climax with the cane.

Disobedient Brat

Sonya is sent to stay with Miss Soma for a few months while her parents go on vacation. Sonya is a very disobedient brat that needs some discipline. The unruly college student thinks this is all silly fun until Miss Soma really cracks the whip, or should I say a leather tawse and a swishy cane! This is one brat that will defiantly change her ways.

Stars: Sonya, Soma

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