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Studio: California Star Productions
Single parent Monica is delighted when her new boyfriend Brian comes around one evening. When she sees that nothing of any importance is on the telly that evening, she takes that opportunity and tells Jemma, her college age daughter, that it's time for her to go to bed. She also tells Brian that he is in for a special treat. She leaves and returns in her old school uniform and allows Brian to spank her bottom in it!

Brian immediately rises to the occasion and notices a leather strap on the side and a thick cane. Whilst using these he hears a noise outside the sitting room and realizes that Jemma has been listening in instead of sleeping. After the sound thrashing of Monica, Jemma is summoned in and made to bare her bottom in front of Brian, and it soon meets a similar fate to her kinky Mom's. Hard caning is Brian's forte and in this film the viewers are not let down!

Stars: Monica, Brian, Jemma

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