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Caned At Desperation Point

Video: Caned At Desperation Point
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Studio: California Star Productions
An unscrupulous table dancing boss takes advantage of a lack of job opportunities in his area by asking his manager Shelley to advise new applicants that to get some night dancing, they will have to first allow him to spank and cane them. When two attractive applicants turn up, the Manager tells them about the boss's proclivities, and advises them not to let him spank them. He, however is listening to this through a keyhole and later threatens to sack Shelley unless she submits to a caning.

After he has given her several stiff strokes of his rod, the other two girls come back, as they are desperate for a job. They understand what they have to do, and reluctantly go across his beating stool for a fast flurry of paddlings, followed up by some hard strokes of his cane. When the girls think it is all over, he makes them take it in turns one stroke of the cane at a time, until every part of their bottoms are filled with welts.

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