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Studio: RGE-Films
Cane on the Wall shows how good Rigid East is at making CP videos. The video consists of the usual round of OTK spanking, strapping and caning - but the way they weave these elements into a sophisticated film with a story, with suspense, with drama, with variety, is hugely uplifting.

The film starts with a slate showing the time and the date - and a girl's name: Alenka.

The first scene opens with a naked girl walking into her bedroom carrying a cane and a nightdress. She is sniveling. She hangs the cane up on the wall and crosses out some lines on a wall chart - cane strokes. She then kneels on her bed, applying some cream to her bottom before lying down on her tummy and cuddling her teddy bear. She is in tears. The camera hovers over her buttocks and opened thighs and we see she has been caned.

The slate comes up again: it's half an hour earlier.

Alenka is in her bedroom removing her street clothes. She is a tall, slim girl with dark hair cut boyishly short. She has a shaved pussy. She is interesting and attractive, but not classically beautiful. She puts on a simple white nightdress, or is it a punishment gown? She consults the wall chart and counts the strokes. Then she takes the cane down from the nail on the wall.

Next we are in another room where a man sits at a table reading a letter and looking at photos of a girl's bare behind. Is it Alenka's or his next visitor's? Alenka comes in and hands him the cane. She kneels before him to plead.

The slate comes up again. It is three days earlier.

We are outdoors, and the man is marching Alenka into the house by the ear. I don't know what she has done, but she's in trouble. It's only now that the spanking begins. A great deal of tension has been generated before we get to this point. This is quality and one you will not want to miss.

Fans of hard-edged domestic discipline will love this film!

Stars: Alenka

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