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Breaking Amy

Video: Breaking Amy
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
He's just plain fed up with Amy's antics. Her flirting. Her lying. Her secretive phone calls at all hours of the day and night. And her mysterious disappearances at the oddest times. Something is going on, and Amy's boyfriend is going to find out, so what if he has to beat it out of her tight ass. Right from the start, Amy knows she's in for real trouble. Nick grabs her forcibly and before she knows she's going to get a good ass whippin'. Lash after lash is driven into Amy's quivering bum, but she still doesn't break. She still won't let on what's been going on with her. That only infuriates Nick even further.

Outraged, Nick drags her off to the hot tub where he grabs poor, beaten Amy right by the hair, and shoves the bitch's face down under water. While she gurgles and flails her hands, he holds her face down, down, can't help but finally lets her up for one short gasp of air. With a better grasp of hair, he forces her head right back down underwater. More gurgling and flailing takes place. There's real fear that this spanked girl is about to be drowned in her won hot tub. Her head is let up again, and water is coughed up, along with crying and begging for the torture to stop.

Nick has sensed it all along. She's seeing another guy! So if she wants fucking, she's going to get fucking! Nick pulls out a long dildo and brutally forces it inside her soaking pussy. This isn't a fucking, it's a dildo violation! Taking the leather paddle, he proceeds to lay a good pussy lickin' on her. For good measure, he slaps the leather right across Amy's face and can't help but vigorously whips her tits with the leather. After all this, is she a broken little girl? You be the judge.

Stars: Amy

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