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Breaking All The Rules

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Studio: Kelly Payne Collection
Back to school and already Julia and Chrystyne are caught breaking the rules. In this prestigious college the Principal believes in old fashioned discipline. To be specific corporal punishment is given on the bare bottom with hand and or numerous implements. The newest addition to the Institute is Miss Tasha Lee. She is told about the disciplinary action to be taken when any of the girls do not follow the rules.

She is also told that the punishment extends to teachers that break rules. After Miss Lee catches 2 of the girls smoking outside she attempts to spank them. She does not know that Principal Payne is watching on a camera from her office. The girls make a joke about Miss Lee and Miss Lee allows this. This is when Miss Payne steps in and takes both girls over her knee for some serious discipline on their bare bottoms. They are both made to bend over the bench for a strapping. After they are sent back to their class Miss Payne then deals with Miss Lee the same way a little harsher and little more is given to the teacher to make sure she understood just how strongly & seriously St. Thrashmore takes their discipline methods.

Stars: Julia, Kelly Payne, Chrystyne, Miss Tasha Lee

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