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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions
Julie Simone
After six years at this silly business, we figured that it was about time we started bringing in some really, really prestigious talent. Enter Miss Julie Simone.

We had to jump through a lot of hoops to interest this worldwide published raven haired beauty in accepting our humble modeling assignment, but it was worth it.....or so we figured. It would seem that our abundant enthusiasm was not shared by the young lady in question. Indeed, she went so far as to forget all about us and go to a party on the night of our scheduled booking. And, you thought Rodney Dangerfield didn't get any respect. It was only after repeated phone calls to her publicist that we were finally put in touch with the diva herself whereupon after much cajoling and more than a little outright bribery she was persuaded to put in a brief appearance. She arrived some hours later....more than a little intoxicated. Not falling down drunk mind you but buzzed just enough to add a distinctly tart edge to her already patrician demeanor. That's when our man lost it.

Faster than you can say, "get me another glass of wine" Ms. Superstar is upended over his lap whereupon her clingy, albeit rumpled, party dress is rolled up over one very, very high priced bottom. And, what a fine bottom it is! Superbly shaped and pale as freshly fallen snow and with just enough jiggle to tantalize the most jaded of souls. This is a bottom with the words "spank me" written all over it. 'Tis a shame it's so sensitive. No sooner does the first loud smack land than Julie makes her distress abundantly clear, squirming like a freshly landed fish and shrieking like a scalded cat. The wench's frenzied protests are for naught however for many, many, many more such smacks are destined to find their mark with equal precision and ever escalating vehemence during the next fifteen minutes or so. Indeed, our man wades into the pseudo sophisticate's obscenely squirming hindquarters with the determination of a zealot on a divine mission... as indeed he is. Discretion compels us to refrain from describing these events in any more detail.

Jill Cannon
The first thing we noticed when this stunning fox arrived was that she looked every bit as good as her publicity photos led us to expect. Then, whence she spoke it only got better. Her voice was soft and sweet like a robin's song. It was only after we took note of the actual words lilting off her tongue, that our expectations sank... like a lead weight. "It's hot", "This place is a dump", "I want more money" and so on. Winner of many a beauty contest and published in dozens of magazines (most of which would be unsuitable for display on the family coffee table) this one too arrives very much in need of an attitude adjustment. So much for our aspirations of bringing a higher caliber of talent in here. To her credit it should be noted that Jill did show up sober and best of all... clearly displayed under her tight dress was irrefutable evidence of why she had just recently won the "Best Ass in Texas" contest. This latter revelation promised to make our man's all too necessary chore more interesting while the former would serve to ensure that the young tart fully appreciated his not inconsiderable exertions right from the start. A gentleman likes to be acknowledged after all.

In due course he has "Best Ass in Texas" wobbling and bouncing delightfully under his callused palm in perfect harmony no less with a fine pair of long sleek kicking legs and a two ponderous swaying breasts. The maestro is at work orchestrating yet another of his lengthy yet exquisite bare bottom symphonies. Jill's vocals leave something to be desired however. Gone now is that sweet lilting voice with which we were greeted. Replaced it is by harsh, strident and overly dramatic vocalizations. More disconcerting though is the coarse language Miss Cannon employs when replying to his well meaning attempts at lecturing her. She's expressing herself like a common guttersnipe! Clearly, a more serious butt blistering of a magnitude no less than that just administered to the semi-inebriated party girl is in order here. Jill's piercing screams and spasmodic (though still delightful) butt wrigglings bear stark witness to the fact that our man is quick to arrive at the same conclusion.

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it. For ten long minutes his hand will rise and fall relentlessly, striking it's tantalizing target with pitiless precision and truly dramatic effect. Finally, he elects to send the ill-mannered bimbette off to the corner thereby affording her an opportunity to reflect on the error of her ways. Instead, and no doubt under the mistaken belief that her spanking has not yet concluded, the young strumpet now shamelessly attempts to seduce her chastiser. And, she doesn't even like him! Duly shocked, our man tosses all restraint aside and resumes pounding her sinful bottom with unbridled glee for he knows now that those crimson cheeks dancing so lewdly beneath his palm are those of a wanton temptress. Tsk, tsk and her agent described her as such a sweet young lady too.

With her bleached white hair, insolent attitude and overall display of poor breeding this one comes off almost like a caricature of the proverbial bad girl. She's real though (even if her torpedo-like breasts aren't) and from the moment Sybil waltzes in the door we're treated to some very low rent manners. It would seem that she was anticipating rather more grandiose surroundings along with a multitude of preposterous amenities. You know, things like a formal dressing room, someone to apply her makeup and other stuff too silly to mention. Get real girl! There's a perfectly good mirror in the bathroom for crying out loud. Unimpressed with our attempts to bring her back down to earth, she marches over to the phone, dials her agency and then commences to diss our facilities using some very unladylike language I might add. Needless to say, this final impertinence brings our man to his feet whereupon he commences to get to the bottom of the problem... with a vengeance!

Happily the bottom in question is every bit as real as all too many of its owners other charms are not. Indeed, if you'll forgive the pun, Sybil's ass might well be her most marketable asset. It is firm, though not too firm, pleasingly shaped and moreover it is blessed with a near flawless milky white complexion. This blessing of which I speak will not be long in lasting however. Nor likely to return anytime soon. Our man quite literally attacks Sybil's bouncing bare butt cheeks, ignoring her anguished screams and pounding them with a cruel precision that is almost frightening to behold. This bitch expected a professional makeup person; well she has one now! An up close and personal attendant, no less, and one who is only too happy to apply gobs and gobs and gobs of virtual rouge where he in his (ahem) professional estimation thinks it's most beneficial. Sit back and enjoy the show folks this here beauty appointment is gonna take a while!

Stars: Julie Simone, Jill Cannon, Sybil

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