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Best Of English Discipline Part 6

Video: Best Of English Discipline Part 6
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Studio: California Star Productions
The occasion often arises when the firm hand of authority must assert itself. Whether one is dealing with an impertinent school girl, a defiant housewife, a delinquent renter, or a disrespectful street trollop, the same rule of law must be applied. The implements of discipline are the paddle, the strap, and the limber cane.

In this video you will see tender female bottoms grow deep red under the expert administration of a time honored technique known as English Discipline. You will hear cries of shock and anger turn at length into desperate pleas for mercy. You will see tears of submission flow down the flushed cheeks of the penitent. There may be many ways to learn a lesson. But there is only one way to learn it well. Education must always start at the bottom.

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