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Beach Girl Spankings Episode 2

Video: Beach Girl Spankings Episode 2
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
Here's one of the most talked-about REALITY spanking series EVER!

There's nothing quite as exciting as watching real girls, NOT paid models or actresses, getting REAL butt-blistering spankings.

That's exactly what happens in Episode 2 of this exciting, real-life, 6 part series!

We simply went to the beach, talked to pretty girls sunning themselves, and offered this proposal: Come to the Raven Hill Beach House, submit to three, 5-minute, bare bottomed spankings, on camera, in return for some good, always-needed vacation-extending money.

Of course, most turned away from the proposition. But you'll be surprised at those who accepted the offer, and you'll be thrilled when you watch them squirm, kick, squeal, holler and cry as they get their "innocent" bottoms destroyed from hard, authentic, stinging spankings, paddlings, leather strappings, hairbrush spankings and even canings!

This is a tremendous spanking series that is sure to please.

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