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Beach Girl Spankings 1

Video: Beach Girl Spankings 1
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Studio: Raven Hill Studios
You see them every time you go to the beach, or watch a spring break TV special: all the pretty girls, sunning themselves in the tiniest of bikinis, with their tight, round bottoms posed upward oh so beautifully and sensually.

The very sight makes you want to reach your hand out to take a nice swat at those tender, young, firm globes. Well that's just what we do!

We find girls, vacationing on the beaches of Florida, and make them a simple but entertaining proposition: Come back to our beach house, accept three, 5-minute bare-bottomed spankings, and earn some cool, hard cash... to help them party-on!

The result is one of the most talked-about reality-spanking series EVER -- Beach Girl Spankings.

In this episode, we come across girls visiting our sunny sands from Kansas, and from Miami. Sure they think the offer is crazy, but they also know they're broke, and that this would be a good and perhaps easy way to make some fast money.

It's a good way, all right, but not as easy as it sounds to them.

Once our cameras begin to roll, these girls get their bikini bottoms pulled down, and get their asses genuinely punished, with good, old fashioned spankings. They get it hard from the hand, paddle, strap and even the cane!

Watching this footage is a great way to witness real girls --NOT paid actresses or models, getting authentic, ass blisterings. It's a real visual treat for the discriminating spanking fan.

Stars: Terry

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