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Studio: Kshara Productions
A story about a pretty cleaning girl who reluctantly agrees to take part in the perverted games suggested by her boss in order to get a raise. Poor Nicole has no idea what terrible tortures she will have to endure. Her boss has cruel things in mind. Besides hard whippings and canings, she will have to bear a long whipping while hanging suspended. At the end of the torture session her boss allows her a little respite with vibrators as compensation for her suffering. A young girl negotiates a raise with her boss. He cajoles her to take part in some perverse "games", saying that he will comply with her request thereafter. Unwillingly, she agrees to it. Her boss then binds her cruelly, and soon hard and long strikes of the cane rain down on pretty Nicole's body. The single tail whip leaves angry red stripes on Nicole's beautiful breasts and stomach. Thereafter, the bull whip is applied while she hangs suspended causing her unbearable pain. Nicole is hung up with chains, her legs spread wide apart. Her behind is now spread open for a hard single tail whipping and her pussy is not spared in this torment. The punishment continues with her lying face down for a further hard whipping across her ass, back and pussy, leaving angry red welts on her beautiful body "On the table" for unbelievable back and ass whipping. Nicole's flexible body is bound tightly in such a way that her pussy can be reached easily. Her boss hands her a vibrator and orders her to stimulate herself while he whips her butt with a riding-switch thus alternating her enjoyment of pleasure with pain. If that is not enough to teach her the lesson -- she receives an additional little single tail whipping, which leaves memorable marks on her back and rounded ass while the whole body is tied to a little bar chair.

Stars: Nicole Venus

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