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Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 27

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 27
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Studio: British Discipline
The Brits aren't messing around when it comes to discipline in their schools. These girls are learning their lesson for misbehaving in class by getting their bare bottoms spanked right in the classroom! They bend over their teacher's knee and get a spanking. They also stand, bent at the waist, and get caned!

When a student has misbehaved she is sent to the Headmaster's office and dealt a firm punishment. When she finds out she is in for corporal punishment, she is obviously upset. But she bends over the Headmaster's knee and has her bare bottom spanked until it is bright red!

When the Headmaster hears two students talking about an inappropriate topic in their dorm room, he enters the room to punish them. He bends them both over his knee and spanks there bare bottoms. When he has finished spanking them, he has them stand, facing the wall, to think about what they've done wrong.

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