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Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 26

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 26
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Studio: British Discipline
When this naughty girl is caught in a lie, her elder family member decides it is up to him to dole out a punishment that will teach her a lesson. He has her pull down her panties and bend over a chair to receive a spanking! He uses a leather strap to spank her bare bottom until it is bright red!

Sara has misbehaved again, and must be dealt with. She has been caught stealing, and must take her punishment. Her panties are unceremoniously pulled down and she is commanded to lie over her punisher's knees. She is spanked on her bare bottom with his hand, but he also uses a hair brush to deliver painful blows to her sore bottom!

When this young girl gets home late, her Uncle is waiting for her, ready to punish her. She's been misbehaving in school and he must teach her a lesson! She is made to pull her panties down and lay over his knees to receive her bare bottom spanking. He then spanks her red bottom with his slipper!

Waiting in the next room for a scene to finish, these spanking models decide to have a little spanking fun themselves! They begin with a pillow fight, hitting each other and squealing in delight. Things progress until they are giving each other bare bottom spankings while they wait for their scene to begin!

Stars: Sara

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