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Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 16

Video: Bare Bottom Brits Vol. 16
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Studio: British Discipline
Watch young submissive girl Jody and others receive punishment for being bad in this spanking flick. It begins with Jody being woken up for having dirty knickers in the wash that show that she has been playing with herself, so she receives an over the knee spanking. In scene two three lesbians all get together and take turns spanking one another. Scene three two school girls get their bottom spanked in the classroom. Scene four a girl is strapped after school from her teacher who quickly takes a smile off her face due to hearing bad news from a PTA meeting. Scene five a teenager gets in trouble for talking back. Scene six is a continuation of scene five where the sister gets in trouble for laughing while her sister got in trouble for talking back. And lastly Jodie gets her bottom smacked to learn some respect.

Stars: Jody, Jodie

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