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Studio: Red Hot Video Productions

Hollie Stevens: Model/actress Hollie Stevens is in a very cranky mood today. The young lady, so it seems, is particularly displeased with the photographer because she expects more professionalism from him. After all, having starred in such cinematic achievements as "Orgy Angels" and other such works, Miss Stevens feels that she should be treated appropriately. We were not only prepared, but in fact quite eager to see to it that she is as well.

Lenore: The first mistake this cute little bush made was in arriving late. She then went on to compound her error by bombarding our photographer with an endless barrage of petty complaints and criticisms. Then, as if the whiny valley girl act wasn't bad enough, Lenore decided that she wasn't being paid enough and promptly demanded additional financial compensation. Happily, our designated contract re-negotiator was but a short drive away on this fine evening.

Sherrie: Here we have a dazzling, long-legged, albeit chilly blonde with convincing implants, claw-like nails and simply superb ass. Sherrie, who claims to have been a professional model throughout her adult life, looks now to be in her late twenties. Predictably enough, however, she claims to be rather younger. Customarily this sort of feminine deception is confined to misstating a number or two. Sherrie, though, makes a far more convincing argument of her relative immaturity with some very childish behavior. We treated her accordingly.

Stars: Hollie Stevens, Sherrie, Lenore

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