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Audition For Autumn

Video: Audition For Autumn
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Mistress Autumn carefully inspects her slave. She circles him and looks for weaknesses. The Mistress begins to punch the slave lightly at first then with increasing force. His skin begins to turn red and he starts to gasp. She seems to become excited when he winces. She hits him again and again. After slapping him in the face a few times she allows him a little bit of pleasure and begins to rub her sexy body over his. Then a few more slaps. The slave cringes. His cock is then inspected with the tongs. She tells him how small it is and she punishes him for his smallness. She slaps his cock repeatedly and strokes it lightly. The scene ends with several knee and boot kicks that make him fold over in pain.

The slave is tied to the kneeler with his tender ass exposed. The mistress takes advantage of his vulnerability by seating herself on the couch in front of his face and making him look at her exquisite body. The Mistress orders slave friendly to lick her boots. She then makes him suck her heels while she explains to him how the heel was put through the nutsack of another slave only the night before. When she tires of his licking, Mistress Autumn straddles his back and spanks his ass to a bright red color. The willing submissives ass is fingered in preparation for insertion of the speculum. The slave's ass is penetrated repeatedly and opened wide by the speculum and the slave expresses his gratitude to his superior Mistress.

After the speculum is slowly removed the Mistress punishes slave friendly with the large dildo. She repeatedly buttfucks the slave, pounding the dildo deeper into his tight hole. She is pleased by the sound of his moans. She becomes increasingly aroused and reaches for the strap-on which is then planted firmly into his ass. She the makes him beg for her cock repeatedly as she pounds him mercilessly. . Mistress Autumn then increases the pain with stinging slaps from the paddle as his ass is fucked deeply.

The slave is moved to the dungeon where he is immobilized by the chair. His arms are bound and he is completely exposed. Mistress Autumn buckles down the face dildo and begins to ride. She rides slowly growing accustomed to the size of the dildo inside her. Soon she is thrashing on the slave's face, pounding down as hard as she can. To make herself cum, Mistress Autumn rubs the vibrator over her clit.

The dildo is then removed from his face and she makes her submissive clean the mess from her wet pussy. The Mistress climbs onto the slave, balancing her body completely on his. As the Mistress pulls aside her g-string, the slave if forced to insert his tongue deep into her hole.. When she is done worshiping Mistress Autumns pussy, the slave is milked to orgasm. He is forced to shoot his seed onto the black collector. When he has finally given all, he is told to remain laying in the dungeon until the Mistress chooses to return for another collection.

Stars: Mistress Autumn, slave friendly

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