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Angelina Hart SPANKED! (Entire Movie)

Here we have a long legged slinky bottle blonde who has the temerity to describe our assignment as "the lowest budget job I've ever done". To be sure this impertinent, gum chewing, baggage has become accustomed to being feted like visiting royalty before dropping her drawers and diddling herself with a vibrator or some such. Nonetheless, we had just paid perfectly good money for the motel room we were by then setup in and therefore in no mood to be trifled with. The tension in the room was now nearly as thick as the cigarette smoke. Perhaps it was really more about her bored "I'm cool and you're not" demeanor or the way she casually interjected foul language into her spoken sentences, then again maybe it was really about that superb looking ass of hers. Whatever the ultimate cause, the outcome was every bit as inevitable as it was enjoyable....for us.

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