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Angela’s Fact And Fantasy

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Studio: Moonglow
Sixth former Angela is a crazy mixed up kid. At her college, Oscar the caretaker is responsible for corporal punishment. Angela calls him uncle and has fantasies about him. When she has to report to him for punishment, her fantasies run into overdrive. In her room, playing with herself naked on the bed, she imagines what is to come, but very much her own version.

A little later, she is in Oscar's sitting room for some real spanking and caning. There, to her horror, is the tuck shop owner, from whom she stole some sweets, waiting for her. Oscar spanks her in front of the shop owner, then both of them apply a range of paddles across her shapely bottom.

Finally it is the cane from Oscar. Back in her room, naked on the bed again, her fantasies go back into overdrive. She imagines calling out to Oscar to spank her again, saying that he did not do a very good job. Finally her mind really becomes truly imaginative as she goes into a bondage fantasy, spiced up with candles. How long will it be before she gives Oscar more reason to chastise her?

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