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Studio: Amator
After begging Contessa Caras for a very hard Anal Session and a monster cock the slave swear to endure all kinds of abuse by her to his ass. Contessa Caras start the session by enter his butt with a big black strap-on cock. She stretches his ass out with her big cock and the slave starts to cry when she starts fucking him deep and hard. Without grace Cara fucks him harder and deeper as hi ever dreams about in his wildest fantasies. At least Cara wants more, she start to open his butt with 5 Fingers... The slave moan's and cry's like hell because he never expects such a merciless treatment to his anus. At the End he is cruising for a bruising only that Cara stops this agony. And the Whip follows... After the sadistic anal treatment Contessa Cara have one more nice surprise for the slave. With several Whips she torture his butt and his cock & balls. This Session is very hard for him to stand.

Stars: Contessa Cara

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