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American Spanking Classics #5

Video: American Spanking Classics #5
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Studio: California Star Productions
Miss Carson ran training school for young ladies seeking position in very good households waiting on very important people with an iron hand. Her clients knew that girls from Miss Carson's establishment never made a mistake. You can imagine how angry Miss Carson was when one of her pupils did not show up for Friday's training and then had the audacity to pop in on Saturday pleading for it. Miss Carson puts her right in her place with a sound caning followed by a severe discipline with lots of spanking and more caning. The girl's painfully sore and crimson red bottom will attest to the fact that discipline will prevail.

When Justine's mother caught her smoking, she was shocked. Justine seemed to be so well adjusted, popular and so level headed. She knew she would have to handle the matter but it was no big deal. The big deal came later, when she rang the dean at school and was quite stunned to learn that Justine hadn't been attending classes. This called for drastic measures and even at eighteen Justine was not too big to be spanked. Justine, teary eyed and repentant, finds her bottom chastised by a very upset mom.

Stars: Justine, Lisa, Miss Carson

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